A Toast For Amy


Here’s to you Amy!!! From your Knitty Peeps – Laurie and I – many congratulations on the new job – we know you’re doing a spectacular job at it and we wish you the best!!!

We’re sorry you couldn’t make dinner that night, but we sure did out best toasting you, didn’t we Laurie!!!

My order of Soap and Lotion arrived – what a heavenly aroma when you open up a box of handmade soaps! Really, if you haven’t gone over to see Rita’s wonderful creations – go give her a visit – you won’t be sorry!

And there was a box of yarn waiting patienly for me when I crept home from work the other day – I think it was thursday – the days are kinda blurry this week – still feeling on the craptastic side, but this sure did help ease the pain – and so did all your sympathies and words of advice everyone – thank you!
That’s six skeins of Nature spun in Bev’s Bear for Ariann. I cannot wait to get my hands on it and knit – the cool weather has finally sunk in and it just makes me want to get my hands on a cardigan. And after looking through my closet – I’ve really only one that I wear – Ribby Cardy. I’ve decided scoop is going to wait – Spring Time colors – and I need more winter knits. I’ve gotten some requests already for ski socks, beanies and hats from my family, so I’ll have to squeeze in the sweater time – and I decided that I need more handknit socks for me – I don’t have the color selection that I need – Something Red, definitely needs some red socks to go along with her. You get the picture.I did squeeze some sock knitting time in yesterday both on the drive to pick our DS up at college and at the Knitting Meetup at Panera yesterday – the heel is officially turned so now we are in the last leg (pun definitely intended) of the journey. And I somehow wrangled two skeins of beautiful yarn out of Amy’s hands yesterday – more socks. Then I became addicted to the scarf pattern she was knitting – had two skeins of Mano’s in the stash, so that’s now on the needles – Amy – it goes a lot faster on 11 needles!!!

Now, I need to get to my workbench and hammer out some orders – busy, busy, busy!


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