Help Fight Breast Cancer


Please go visit Knit-n-Purl Zen’s Etsy Shop – she’s donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her Pink Power Yarn sock yarn to the Fight Against Breast Cancer. I’m happy to support her and that most important cause. I think she only had 5 up for sale and I just purchased mine, so hurry!!! Also, she’s teamed up with Playinghooki’s Etsy Shop, where you can find stitchmarkers, darning needles and knitting needles all in support of the cause. Go on over and support both of these wonderful people!!!

DH is Backpacking with a friend this weekend – I dropped them both off at the trail head at the Water Gap yesterday morning. After Stopping at Mountain Knits and Purls for a little yarn fix, I hurried on home to arrange the rest of my day with my youngest son. We decided going to see a movie was the perfect thing to do – and we went to see the Guardian. Bring tissues, people. Really good movie, a little on the long side, but that doesn’t bother me. You’ll Laugh, You’ll cry. But I don’t think you’ll be sorry you saw this one. Then we had to counteract the serious movie with some total stupidity, so we watched Tommy Boy last night over our Sicillian pizza (half pepperoni for him, half plain and half riccotta and eggplant for me – lot’s of left overs). I was ready for bed by 9!!! Managed to stay awake till about 10 and lights out for me. I did sneak a bit of knitting on Everyday Tweed during Tommy Boy – I’m sorry, that movie just makes me laugh.

This morning was for paying Bills, filling out rebates and filing those pesky sales tax thingermajiggs with the state – which I’m sure I messed up completely, but it’s all a learning process. I’m going to get those contest prizes out in the mail, I’ve made a nifty new pin for Something Red, which I’ll probably put up for sale after I duplicate it. I have several orders to fulfill this week so I’ll be busy, but not too busy to meet up with Knitty Peep Amy and Knitty Peep Laurie for some knitting, laughs and food tomorrow night. And of course, I’m totally restraining myself from casting on for the Shrug by Dale Garn made from Svale I purchased yesterday – this yarn is YUMmy!! And I’m thinking I need a shrug for work – see, it’s all out of neccessity. And since I have morning duty at work – meet and greet the kids – I’ll be needing lots of scaves, and mits. It seems like I have quite the list. Add that to socks for the skiiers in the family and various and sundry gifts that I knit every year – I think I’ll be busy!

Have a Great Day everyone! Happy October!!


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