I’m in Love and Why I think I might Strongly Dislike Blogger


The Strongly dislike part:

I just lost a whole stinkin post. So this would be my WTF Wednesday. Really, blogger dudes, get your stuff together – this is happening more and more and I’m sooooo seriously going to jump ship if you don’t get your ship together.

So, here we go again.

The I’m in Love Part:

Run don’t walk over the Mississppi Moon Natural Soap Co. Rita makes the most wonderful, lucious soaps and lotion bars and sticks I think I’ve ever used. I started my day with one of her Raspberry Jam Scrub Bars – with little poppyseeds in it to exfoliate – wonderful! Super lather, great softening afterward. Just amazing. Go get thee some!

And that soap was very comforting this morning as I’m in a little “flare up” of the Fibro. You know, that elusive of all elusive syndromes that for the life of me I can’t figure out how to turn the clock back and get rid of. I hurt from my neck to my ankles. And I don’t usually complain, or whine or feel too sorry for myself, cause let’s face it – it could be worse and it’s not going to kill me. But to be in pain all over, all day? Dayum. Sucks big time. And I know I’m fighting off the youngest’s cold, too, which is probably adding to it. Sigh. So I ran right home today after work, didn’t pass go, certainly didn’t collect 200 hundred dollars, no motor vehicle stop either. Home. It’s was the only thing I could think of to help me feel better – and all that other stuff – it can wait.

I’m loving Something Red – wore it to work on Monday and had many nice comments – if it didn’t warm up (stupid weather) I probably would have been hard pressed not to wear it everyday – that’s how much I’m loving it. But no. It got warm – 78 degrees! Disgraceful. Didn’t someone tell the weather people its OCTOBER??? Now, I’ve made it to the “working in the round” part of Everyday Tweed. And I’m hoping it’s going to be constraining enough for one thats, shall I say, needs to be constrained in the endowment area? I don’t want any poppage going on. We’ll see. I’m hoping. It looks like it should give enough coverage.

I’m also thinking I need to knit a neutral color sweater for work – to go with some nicer blue jeans – I really like the blue, neutral combo. Any suggestions – it can’t be a really heavy knit – so I would appreciate your input…..


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