And The Winners are………………..


We had our fancy, schmancy drawing (I just don’t like using a random generator when I have so much fun having my youngest pull names out of a bread basket) and First Prize goes to……..Lorena of Snarkland! Second Prize goes to………Rox of Fearless Knitter!!! Chickes I’m emailing you to find out your preferences and the the packaging will commence. Thanks so much for Stealing my Button and participating everyone – I love having these contests – and I hope you do too!

Red is officially blocking after having a good long soak in the wool warsh. Good and long because I went with DH to That HOME store, to buy wood to make a new TV stand for the new TV we brought home yesterday – now we can see the TV from our bed – yes, for years we did not have a TV in the bedroom, but we are getting old and lazy and like our kingsize bed to snuggle in and watch the good TV stuff – you know, Mike Rowe. Well, for me. I don’t think my DH like Mike Rowe as much as I do, but he does like the show. And when you’re not feeling well and want to just take the time to rest in bed – well, what the heck are you gonna do without a TV to watch?

I shall begin the knitting on Everyday Tweed today – I’m hoping it’s not too scoopy for the woman that I am, I need a big more coverage than the average bear. And if it is too scoopy – well, I just have to wear it socially and not workally.

The weatherman really screwed up the forecast this weekend – yesteday was supposed to be nice and today was supposed to be rainy. Well, yesterday was rainy and now it beautiful and sunny out – and maybe some thunderstorms later, but that’s all ok. Enjoy!


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