Contest Last Call AND Something DONE!!!


Last Call for the “Steal My Button Contest” entries – so get ’em in before I wake up tomorrow – and I’ll probably sleep a little late since I was up at 5am today……

And Look! Something Red is SOMETHING DONE!! Yay. A light steam blocking, the photo shoot, and then the real blockage tomorrow. I’m hoping the sleeves won’t look too ginormous – I’m not a small woman, but those sleeves – I don’t quite fill them out. I did more decreases than the pattern called for, but they are still a little big. But this is the second knit for this and it’s done, I’m mostly happy with it and can’t wait to wear it. I just have to figure out what closure I want to use – or what pin.

Met up with the knittin’ peeps for a little lunch and shopping at Barnes & Noble – 25% off for educators! Pictures tomorrow of the knitting book loot I picked up – Now, that’s a Sale!

Next up – finish Scoop – um, right. I’m thinking the colors lend itself more for the spring now – and I really should concentrate on Everyday tweed right now – what do you think? Yeah. That’s what I thought. And it would be so nice to get a little lace knitting in on Icarus…….sigh.

Rhinebeck is coming up and it looks like I’m going to Stitches East for the Day!!! Can’t wait, as I’ve never been and I really am looking forward to it – figures I wait till it’s in Maryland instead of going the few times it’s been in NJ – that’s logic for ya.

Stay tuned for the contest winners to be posted sometime tomorrow……


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