New Obsession?


We interrupt the regularly scheduled knitting obsessions for this important message:

There is a new Chic Knits Pattern and it may just have to be downloade
d and moved to the top of the heap!!!!!! Look At Ariann – just lovely. It’s the perfect addition to my wardrobe and I’m betting a lot of knitters are going to want this one – very versatile – I’m off to download right now. AFter all, I’ve only got four projects on the needles and I may just be in the mood for a fifth……

But one last tidbit before I go – a little information on how to make your blog more popular – from someone who know’s what poplular is, but obviously, doesn’t have the experience with being popular – go check IT out.

Edit: Thanks for the lovely compliments on the pin – it’s been available as a pendant in the shop for awhile and I think it looks just as nice in pin form…….I love spirals.

copyright August 2006 Scotts Mountain


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