Thar Be Knittin


Lest you be thinking that I don’t knit anymore – I’m offering photographic proof – and proof too that I’ve aquired some yarn (thanks Laurie!) and also knitting literature. I’ve one more increase on Red’s ribbing and then I’m going to be in the homestretch as far as ribbing is concerned. I cannot wait to wear this sweater – it’s going to be great for work. Of course, I’ll need to go shopping for the rest of the outfit – but I need work clothes anyway – I’m out and about in the school this year and a different wardrobe is what I’m thinking I need. It could involve pantyhose, too.

That wonderful yarn is for Everyday Tweed – which will also be a nice work sweater – I’m so glad to be knitting with a purpose. I’m hoping to better budget my time to allow for a little bit faster knitting – ha! I really want to at least organize myself so I know what stash enhancements I need when I get to go to Rhinebeck – DH and I were talking last night as if we are going – so I’m thinking – we’re going. I’ve never been. It should be a great experience.

Thank you, all you kind bloggers, who have stolen my button and given me feedback on the buttons working order – I thought it was working ok – but I know etsy had a few little issues recently so that could esplain why some where unable to get there. And thank you all, and you know who you are, that have offered the compliments, support and enthusiasm – you all rock and I don’t think I could do this so well without you’s.

Today is ucky. Not yucky. We’ve gone beyond the yuck. It’s hot. It’s humid. And not for nuthin, the sun starts to peek out an really get things going and it’s just pissing me off. Ya’ll know I love the Fall. Ya’ll know I want it to be FALL. I’m not liking the feeling like I’m having a constant hot flash – thinking it’s the “hormonies” and it’s the stinking weather. Enough I say. I’d like my order of Fall weather to be delivered post haste.

And that’s all I have to say ’bout that.


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