A little linkage help, please?


I know a few of you lovely bloggers have indeed installed my button on your pages and I’m thankful – it looks like the link works when I use it from my page – but I’ve had a few people saying that it’s not working – so can you guys just check for me – pop your cursor over to the right and click on the dragonfly? Tell me if it’s sending you to my etsy shop? I can do it. My son can do it. My DH, no problem – but I can only check the on the computers in my house. Thanks in advance.

Met with the Knitting Meetup group today – what a great group of gals – I wish I thought to take a photo – had the new phone with camera on it – but we were having too much fun – everyone has such wonderful knits to ooo and ahhh over – I brought “Red” with me – I’ve finally embarked on the body ribbing and I’m hoping to get this done shortly. Also, Laurie was kind enough to give me a wonderful deal on some Jo Sharp Dk Tweed to make Everyday Tweed from – can’t wait to cast on for that. Kerstin (hope I spelled that right) had a beautiful cardigan on from Elann – which is where I’m heading after this entry – it was just gorgeous. Jennifer showed us her beautiful felted bag and there were socks and shawls and scarves being worked on – it was great! Christine was doing some awesome double knitted scarves that made me think I might try that double knitting sometime. All in all a great group of ladies and a great way to spend the afternoon. Thanks to Linda for the nifty name tags – mine is in the car, all set for the next meetup.

It’s soupy outside today – first it was cool, then rainy, now it’s getting humid and icky feeling outside – I was soooo hoping the cold weather was staying and this is not the ideal weather for the first day of fall.

Here’s to the cool weather staying!


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