Returned At Last………


The cool weather has finally returned – ahhhh. I don’t know why that would inspire a flower pendant – but it did. There’s still plenty of color in people’s gards, but I’m sure that will quickly fade to welcome the beautiful colors of Fall I love so much.

Still knitting away on Red – it’s growing slowly – hey, I only get an hour for lunch and I’ve been running around after work like a crazy woman. Plus, there are new show’s on. And books – Books I have not had a chance to even open up and read the forward on. They are piled up almost to the light on my night table. But I do make time for knitting each and every day – even if it turns out it’s only my lunch time knitting.

Oldest is having some small glitches at school but working them out himself – We’re very proud of him – he did get that new cell phone out of us, but he did use it to call me yesterday and he is saving us 20 percent on our bills every month – go check with your cell phone carrier – cingular here offers 20 percent off your ENTIRE bill to college students and they’re families – see if your college is on their list but ask – we were looking at the list and our’s wasn’t, but when the woman checked, it was. That’s my money saving tip for the day – hopefully, it will allow you that yarn you’ve yearned for, or maybe a beautiful shawl pin to go on that freshly knit shawl………….hmmmm?


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