I feel a contest coming on…………


The week was long and every minute seemed packed with something to do. I’m so glad I have an extended lunch – I was able to get a few rows knit on Something Red, but last night I sat and picked up the first sleeve to scoop – the chill that was in the air, made me realize that I need another cardy for work – since I’m now mostly in airconditioned rooms and they’re much cooler than what I’ve been used to being in – although the 80 degree weather they’re predicting for tomorrow just seems like a little prank.

I’ve had an idea for a contest, but it’s going to take a little more preparation on my part – I want to have a “steal my button” contest. But first, I have to MAKE the button. And this, I am not sure of how to do. So, once I figure it out, or someone volunteers to tell me how the heck I make a button to my etsy shop (not the little tiny one I have for etsy, a more personal one, a bit bigger, so to speak) and people start “stealing” it and putting it on their blogs – (yes, shameless promotion of my shop, shameless, I say) I will enter everyone’s name in a drum, hat, box, or similar recepticle for two prizes this time – a Shawl Pin for the first winner and a set of stitch markers for the second. If I can get my act together relatively fast – I’m thinking it will be one of my pumpkin or leaf pins up for the anty. The flock of sheep has been dispersed and I’m going to have to round up some more – thanks everyone! And the dragonflies have flown, but one pendant will make an appearance in the shop this weekend – with a better photo to be sure.

It’s funny, yesterday I was asked if I would sell one of my sweaters – Something Red to be specific. I just don’t know what else to say to people when they ask me this. My pat answer has been – I’ll definitely teach you to knit, but there’s no way you’re going to want to pay me for the TIME it takes to knit something for you. And of course I know there are people out there that do pay quite a bit for handknit sweaters – but it’s not just a bunch of stitches to me. Of course I have knit for other people, a gift of my love and time all wrapped up in stitches for them to wear. But I don’t think some people realize how much of ourselves we put into our stitches – the thought, the emotion, the feelings that we have when we’re knitting. The problems we find solutions for. The things we mull over, the anxiety that only knitting can calm, the clear head we can get when we relax in our favorite spot, with a fiber we love, and needles that fit our hands perfectly – when I think about that, I know that what I knit is so much more than rows of stitches to me.


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