Knitting Included


Meet Something Red – Again. This time, I’m using Elann Peruvian Highland Wool in Red Maple. I’ve used this yarn before and it does soften up in the blocking – and I love the color. It’s a little deeper than the photo shows, but it’s a cloudy day and therefore the flash was employed for this photograph. I started it, AGAIN about a week ago. Started back to work too, and the shop’s been BUSY, so I’ve not gotten as far as I would have liked, but I’m enjoying it – AGAIN. I can’t believe I’m knitting this again, but it was totally operator error and I feel I need to get this done, blocked and wearing it before September is out.

As promised, here is the amazing new workbench my hubby and my youngest son built for me last weekend…………

It is way, way cool and will get an additional holder on the right and a shelf on the bottom – but it serves me very, very well right now – who knew that barstool wasn’t going to cut it until I was given this???? The best part is, my hubby and son made it for me together – who could ask for anything better? It was nice to see them working on it and I was very excited to see how it was going to turn out – it holds all my wire and the other side will hold all my tools – my DH also made me a hand turned mandrel not too long ago – I’m lucky he so talented in the workshop, that’s for sure.

Thank you everyone who sympathized with us and our oldests move to college – it’s so much harder than I ever thought it would be and we miss him beyond words. The house isn’t exactly empty by a long shot, but there’s a definite silence down at that end of the hall. Things you didn’t think you really took notice of – his chair moving back and forth, his tapping on the computer table while he was working – the noisy way he opened and shut his door and nearly everything else – whew. It’s a toughie.

I know it will get a bit easier and thank goodness I’ve been busier than I thought I would be – the first week back at work was exhausting to say the least – doing new things, getting a new schedule memorized and just being on my feet for more of the day than I’m used to, well, it’s left me snockered. This weekend has just about flown by. I was glad to get out yesterday for that knitting meet up – Dh has been a dervish around the house – he’s repaired the driveway where the builders left a gaping trench between the black top and the garage – poured the cement himself with youngest’s help. He repaired the black top gap yesterday and he and the young one were already out there today, powerwashing the driveway to prepare it for sealing. He’s cut the lawn, peeled the peaches for cobbler while I made the topping, picked green beans and packaged them – he’s just a working machine this weekend. I’ve hammered a lot and managed to do three loads of warsh. I feel like an underachiever compared to him today! We just had to go round up the renegade ducks – scoured the yard and part of the neighborhood for them – sneaky things. Now I’m ready for some lunch and a bit of knitting. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

One more look at the The best darn workbench a hammer happy gal could ask for!!!


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