I Know it incredibly early, but……..


I have to post these – This will be my Christmas Shawl Pin collection. They will all be available in copper, brass and sterling silver and probably will be in the shop sometime in the near future – I don’t want to rush the holidays but I know people get a jump on their christmas gift buying and I want to be prepared. If you are interested in any of these before I post them in the shop, just comment me and I’ll reserve it in your name in the shop. My personal favorite is the snowman – I’ll have to try to make myself one eventually.

Had a great knitting meetup today with Laure, Amy (and Allie) and new to me friends Jeanne, Kathy and Linda – at a panera bread nearby. It was lovely – I think we meet again in two weeks and I’m really looking forward to it! Thanks girls!

I have more photo’s to post of my knitting and my new work area – the guys in the house got together and BUILT me a workbench – is that not impressive??? I’m thrilled and, although I really didn’t mind my little barstool – this is sooooo much nicer and closer to what I probably should be working on. More pictures tomorrow……


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