Nobody said it would be this Difficult!


The leaving your first born at college thing, that is. Whew! He’s moved into his dorm, likes his roommate, has some friends very closeby, and likes where he is. I hope he has the time of his life!!

So, I’m keeping myself busy……a new leaf design for Autumn in the shop………..

A Dragonfly of a different color………….

And knitting on Scoop – started one sleeve yesterday while watchin V for Vendetta – hmmmm, don’t know what to make of that movie still. Have a BBQ to go to today, not looking forward to answering all the “college move” questions – did you ever notice how some of the people sympathize with you and others seem to be happy you’re suffering? Well, I’m hoping to not run into any of that. Yesterdays weather was so bad, it masked the tears – today is much better, sunny, on the cool side a pretty breezy out. But I hear the hot tub is open.


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