There aren’t any words


Something Red. Something Finished. Somthing didn’t fit right. Something was too big. Something was washed. Something was dried. Something had the sleeve ribbing re-knit. Something was still up with this sweater – Too, too big and I’m not a teetiny little girl.

Somebody got the ball winder out………………

Something Red…………
Something Ripped……..

This took me a little over two weeks to knit up. It’s a great pattern. Operator error obviously. It took me a little over twenty minutes and my ginormous ball winder to rip it. I am going to swatch and reswatch. I don’t think knitting the next smallest size will do it – for some reason, this yarn, which is supposed to be worsted and supposed to knit as worsted was not giving the gauge I needed. This does suck. It was done – for my first day back to work tomorrow. If I could have gained twenty pounds overnight it probably would have looked ok – big, but ok. But the sleeves – they were so frickin big they just hung there. I even tried reknitting the ribbing on smaller needles, less stitches – it weren’t working. Nothing left to do but reknit. And I am going to make this sweater – it may not be with this yarn – but it will be knit and worn this fall.


Received part one of my HUGE wire order today – I’m hoping the other part arrives soon – I have a few things to hammer out for customers. Work starts tomorrow with a two day inservice – looking forward to seeing everyone – I kinda missed the place.


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