It’s Never to Early


…to prepare for the holidays – at least that’s what everyone is telling me – I have a slew of knitted gifts I would like to make, but I think I’m going to have to hammer out some things first – like more pins – I’m getting a lot of inquiries for holiday orders and it’s amazing!!! But one of my favorite holidays is Halloween and since I don’t really wear a costume usually, I hammered out this little pumpkin – which can take you through the whole Autum season… Autum – have I said that already?

I have been plugging away on Something REd – which is Something BIG right now – I’ve bound off the bottom ribbing and I’m working on the sleeve and getting a little anxiety about the short rowing in the collar – and thinking of what kind of closure I’m going to make – Laurie suggested I make my own “button” and I think I will. Darn – I can make several and change them as I wish. Icarus is on standby – I really want this sweater Done. Then I can get back to the shawl and scoop – the colder weather is my guide. It’s been raining pretty much regularly since Saturday – so the kids and I have been shopping for college, watching Scrubs – I have to get that DVD set! and just laying low – the college thing – went to the supermarket yesterday – If 2 of the ten bags were for me – that was a lot. Yeesh. I probably made him get too much – but better too much than not enough. Only one last thing he needs – some sort of container to take his toiletries back and forth to the bathroom. We pack Friday and moving day is Saturday morning – he keeps teasing me saying there will probably be a weeping area for the mothers – I said – you mean a boohoo coral? I swear, I’m not going to cry till I get in the car. Shut up.

I have a few wholesale orders I want to get a jump on for the holidays, a custom order that I have to research, and work starts thursday – it’s not like I won’t have enough to keep me busy!


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