My First Fibula’s!!


My very first attempts at making some Fibula’s (maybe you know them as kilt pins?) I’m so stinkin excited!! I’m not quite sure if I’ll sell these two, but I’m pleased with my ability to craft these. And now I have a million and one ideas floating around my head for these pins.

My humble workspace….. hey, a girl’s gotta start somewhere. After spending the last three months moving that bar stool from the kitchen, to the deck, to the living room, I decided to plant it in our office by the window. Now that the weather is going to change, I don’t think I’ll be working outside much. And I know this bar stool doesn’t look like much, but let me tell you – with a little creative storage allocation, it holds my bench block, hammers, pliers, wire – with room for my dremel and Mandrel underneath and the big box on the left is the “bead” box – which has more than beads in it, but we’re not too picky – as you can tell from what I use as a workbench. I think I may be able to talk hubby into someday making me a folding jewelers bench – but for now, this is just fine. I certainly don’t need anything fancy to hammer metal on!!! My metalsmithing and wire working books are nearby and all my packaging and mailing supplies are in this room, as well as the desk top computer and printer. It just seemed logical to set up in there – I just can’t hammer to early in the morning – the kids bedrooms are right there!

I know this here is a knitting blog – but the pins ARE for knitting, so I will just tell you that something red had gone to the ribbing with the first increase done. I’ll be able to sit down with it after dinner tonight – homemade pizza night – every friday is. TGIF everyone!


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