Bright Sun-Shiny Day!


Well, it is now,anyway. It wasn’t when we woke up this morning – little bit o’ rain. But now – sunny, pleasant, just beautiful out. Not getting hot and I think the heat waves are over – I heard the geese flying over early one morning a few days ago and whenever I hear them flying over, It tells me Autum is on it’s way . My very favorite season of the year – love the cool, crisp weather, the leaves turning color. But for now – here’s a bit of bright sunshine from our still blooming flowers………And here’s this nifty, cool Sheepy Tin my great friend Rox has sent me – sorry I’m so late posting this chickie – but I love it and it has a place of honor on my laptop/knitting table beside me on the couch. It posed so nicely on Something Red……

I had a great time over at Amy’s the other day – just talking, knitting, eating and shopping for yarn with her and Laurie – two great ladies I’m lucky enough to have met! Thanks girls!

I’m hoping to finish Something Red before school starts next thursday – I don’t think that’s going to happen , but I think I’ll be able to wear it to work sometime in September. I’m trying to decide what kind of button/closure I want and I’m thinking – why not use one of my own pins? Smaller maybe – even try my hand at making my first “fibula” and see how that goes. I can’t thank everyone enough for all their support – I’ve gotten such amazing compliments and recommendations on knitters blogs – I just can’t tell you how much that means. And I have a great support system of friends. Essential, if you intend on going into the scary unknown of business.
I can’t believe I’m getting ready to become the mother of a college student – he even has his own PO box now. In a little over a week, we’ll be packing up what he wants and needs to take with him and heading out to deliver him to an unfamilar doorstep (for me) and what I hope is the time of his life. He’s made things pretty easy for us – made a list of what he needs – we were able to accomplish that in one shopping trip. Now, I just need to get some toiletries and pack a huge care package for him and let’s face it, anything we forgot can be sent or gotten there, but you want to get them there as set up as possible.


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