Let Me Esplain…..


There is too much and I will not sum up. How can you sum this up in a few short words? What is this. This is Mine. It’s named after me. I cannot believe I possess this.

This is made for me by my friend, Susie. Susie of Perchance to Knit. She is a wonderful, wonderful color genius. Just wonderful. Have I said wonderful? It’s like a dream yarn. I dreampt it, she made it real. Do you see that color? Do you see it! It’s the most beautiful, radiant, luminous yarn. It is soooooo darn soft and luxurious. Do you see the wonderful stitch marker? It says HOPE. I love it. That just about says it all now, doesn’t it? Hope. This is the actual color, right here…….

This is a little warshed out, but I couldn’t stop taking photo’s.
This is Something Red. Not Something Coral. Or weirdly pink. The lights a little wonky on the deck right now. So, scuse me, please.

And this is mainly for documentation purposes, but it’s the lastest crop o’ pin’s. I usually take photo’s right after I make them to document the process, but I made these on Saturday. I will be posting them in the shop all during this week. Have I told you that I love ETSY? They really are the greatest way for someone like me, scardy cat that I am, to get myself out there. Great community.
I’ve been invited to Amy’s tomorrow for some knitting, and coffee, and pizza and Laurie. I can’t wait. Today was DH’s doctors visit and it’s not as bad as we thought, but he’ll need a little doctoring. Hopefully, he’ll be right as rain soon. I have been knitting like a fiend on Red – and Icarus, but it doesn’t show up on the shawl as much as the cardy. You know, the laceweight takes awhile to grow. But grow it must, and while I knit I must decide what Susie’s yarn will grow up to be. I’m leaning towards a Diamond fantasy – I don’t know why, but it popped in my head and has stayed put. We’ll see.


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