Pay It Forward


I think it’s time to give a little bit back for all the kindness and support I’ve received through the blogging community and etsians out there. I’ve met so many amazing, generous and supportive artists out there, just so willing to share their thoughts, ideas and dreams with me. It’s so hard when your first starting out and just getting that first sale can be a banner moment for someone who’s had a dream forever, puts it in real form and then just ….well, waits. It does take time. You may get not so nice people step in your way. But stick with it.

If you’re looking for a really cute baby gift, go visit Tiny Sunshine – she has the cutest most original onesies and Tee’s. Just adorable. I think it would make a nice little additon to any knitted sweaters or booties you intend to gift to the little ones.

Just a little note to people who have been doing this for awhile – us newbies – well, there’s a reason we’re called newbies. We’re just learning. We actually have done research and think we know what we’re doing until we step in something we didn’t know was there.(kinda like dog poo) Be patient. I know it’s a lot to ask of some people. But remember when you were just starting out? Unless you’re perfect, I’m guessing you made mistakes, tripped up, made some not so great decisions, didn’t use the best judgement at times. It’s all part of the learning process. I can speak for myself and say that my learning curve never consisted of deliberately trampling anyone else. I would say the majority of artisans and artists out there don’t have a mean bone in their body – give them some guidance if you can. Pay it forward.


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