Laurie – these photo’s are for you! We’ve had some beautiful pond lilies this year…..

And the bee balm has certainly done it’s job – I don’t ever remember so many butterflies in one place – we have them all the time, usually around the balm.

As of today – I now have four projects on the needles – Scoop du Jour, Stumbling down the stairs socks, Icarus and…………….Something Red. I woke up this morning and needed red after seeing Amy’s coming out so nicely. It’s great TV knitting, too.

Today I took our oldest out shopping for college – you know all those incidentals that give you a very un-incidental bill. We didn’t do too badly and the only thing I had to order was his mattress pad – we wanted memory foam, no one had XL so I hit Of course we will set him up with snacks and what evers – but he’s done. He can do the clothes shopping by himself – we’re tired! I even got a headstart on my youngest’s school supplies – a first for me. When I look back over this nearly done summer, I’ve really done and learned a lot. I set up my online shop as I had talked about doing all year, did a lot of reading for business and pleasure, I’ve learned a lot about people over the internets, good and bad (mostly good), I met two great knitting peeps – Hi Peeps – and last but not least – I’m actually exercising everyday!! Booya!


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