Icarus – I love , love, love – did I say love this yarn for this pattern. That is an actual rendition of the Helen’s lace, color blackwatch. I had other pictures to upload. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow. They were nature shots (Laurie, they were so good!!) – so you’re not missing any knitting photos. Yesterday I met up with Laurie and Amy (and Amy’s amazing children – Hi guys!!) at B&N – great fun. TGIF’s for lunch and hopefully we’ll get to do that a time or two before I’ve got to start back to work on the 31st. I’m already dreaming of it. And I don’t mean that wistfully. Just matter-of-factly. Blogger is being incredibly, incredibly stupid. If this keeps up, I’m moving to typepad. Very fustrating when you have photo’s to upload, things to say, people to see and blogger just vomits it all back to you. Yes, I said vomit. And this moronic underlining thing – that I cannot for the life of me get to STOP – stop underlining me, you hear????

New, new – original. Yes, I said original – I thought it up in MY own head on my motorcycle ride sunday – now, I know the concept of the necklace is not new – but taking my hand forged designs and making them necklace scale – for those who like them, but don’t knit lace – I’ve given you an alternative. I’ve posted a few in the shop.
Many amazing things have been going on – I’ve had some wholesale offers – which totally floored me. I’ve had a few other collaborations. Scarfguy and I both sold our items. I’m overwhelmed with the wonderful reactions and compliments on my work and workmanship – I really appreciate the feedback I’m getting and it helps to get over the bumps that go along with doing something like this on your own. As with anything, you have a negative glitch here and there, but nothing that takes away from the positive support that I’ve been receiving – I know it’s genuine and I’m so appreciative. And those negative glitches serve a purpose – you learn from them, move on, rise above and look at them for the great learning experience that’s been given to you. At least that’s the way I look at it. I know some people may not see it that way – but I’ve always been a glass half full kinda girl, not one to be vengeful or petty – I figure those types of people are self correcting problems. Things definitely happen for a reason.


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