View From a Harley


DH and I took a long motorcycle ride yesterday. We ended up in Wyalusing, PA. Very beautiful country over there. Our butts weren’t too soar when we got home – we left at 9:30 am and didn’t get back home till around 4pm. It was a gorgeous, beautiful day, and there weren’t even that many idiots on the road!!! What better way to spend the last day of your not so vacation,vacation before you head back into the work world?That is my view from the back of the Harley – taken with my new little wonderful camera – it takes awesome pictures at speed, lemme tell ya. (I don’t know why blogger is underlining everything I write above the first picture – I’m totally fustrated with trying to figure it out and I hearby surrender to the unknown idiocy that can be blogger)

And in case you were wondering about knitting? Well, something took a visit to the Frog Pond – and it wasn’t our frog, FRED…….
Nope. It was Mountain Peaks. It’s was going well, don’t get me wrong. Stellar pattern. I just feel that it would look better in a solid color. That’s what is comes down do. Solids need to be ordered. Fred was good about it. He stayed outside in the pond, while I sat at the kitchen table at my pond, and cursed a blue streak unwinding a double ply of Helens Lace. I mean, knotty? Can you spell KNOTTY??? Damn if I didn’t get knots on knots. and they had aunt and uncle knots to boot. It’s all rewound, and recast on as Icarus. Yep. I’m going for repetition. Repetition is my friend right now. Too much other stuff going on. Low levels of concentration here. I need to divert to concentration to were it’s most important.

I kissed DH goodbye this morning for the first time in three months – I’m sure he would agree when I tell you that it’s a good thing. I will miss him, but having your spouse around because they have to be around, rather than wanting to be around are two totally different things. Most times you like to plan your time off – not have it planned by the Jackasses you once worked for. Getting back to normal is good. It feels good. I’m sure he’ll agree, as normal hasn’t been around for awhile – and it’s hard to adjust, even though you know it’s temporary. I have errands to run, post office, vet, doctor, michaels, circuitcity – it’s a fine day! Oh and the hammer comes out later for some special orders. And new ideas! I love the new ideas that come to me while on the back of a motorcycle. I will be adding something new to the shop once I work it out – you just can’t stop creativity no matter how hard you try.


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