New Knitting Chair


The New Knitting Chair. You thought I was kidding, right? Nope. That’s the new knitting chair – I am not going to call it the New Recumbent Bike that my rumor-tologist told me to get. Nope. I find the more I can associate exercise with knitting, the more likely the exercise will get done. It’s a really decked out chair – it even has a fan, for when the wool gets sticky and your hands get hot? Plus, I can take the pulse of my yarn, any yarn, just by holding it between my hand that the nifty little yarn pulse gages on the side of the seat. I always did prefer to knit with my feet up.

The booklet says that this is a drink holder? But really – how am I going to drink out of that? I find it’s a much better yarn holder. In fact, it is the perfect size for a skein of yarn to fit in. I’m thinking if I get my DH on it, we can figure out a way to hook the ball/skein winder up and while I’m peddling, I can actually wind some yarn. I don’t know if you noticed on the first picture, but the back of the seat has a Magazine holder – perfect for the latest copy of those knitting magazines – which by the way, you can also read while your pedaling.

I am sure as the knitting goddess is my witness, there will be some sort of unfortunate yarn versus pedal incident that I will be posting on this here blog. Let’s face it. If I can turn a stair case into a deadly weapon to a sock in progress, I can tangle a little bit of yarn on the knitting chair.

It’s a gorgeous day, perfect for any number of activities – I’m not sure what we’re going to be doing, but I’m hoping to get out and enjoy some of it on the back of DH’s Harley at some point this weekend – packing the sock and the camera. I would take out my bike – but those darn balance issues have me a little spooked. Have a great weekend everyone!


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