New Pin In Town


I’m really excited about this new metal – new to me that is. It’s called Nu Gold and its a bronze metal (brass alloy). It has an amazing warm golden color – looks a lot like gold to me, but it’s not, of course. DH and I went for a motorcycle ride today, and stopped in at the not so local mineral/supply shop. I picked up some of this and some more silver and a few tools. This worked up so nice and it’s already posted at the shop – but I wanted to keep it for myself. I think I’ll have to save a bit of this metal for me! I’m happy with the variety of metal I’m getting to make pins out of – I hope I have enough to appeal to everyone now. The metal working has become a little addicting – if you hadn’t noticed. But there was knitting yesterday!!! I did indeed pick up the sock and knit on it, and I plan to do some more as soon as this is posted. I think I will actually have to post of photo of my new knitting chair – not the conventional type of chair you might be thinking of at all. It’s probably not the safest knitting environment either, but I’ll leave that up to all of you to decide once you see it.

Thanks to all of you who so kindly commented your congratulations on DH’s new job. We are indeed very happy, and feeling like we’re back to normal, if not just a little bit cautious. We’ll be able to breath easier now, since our oldest is supposed to be packing off for college in just a few short weeks. We’re trying to do vacationy things for the rest of this week, so DH has a little non-anxious time off before he starts on Monday. So the blogging might be sparse till next week – have a good one!


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