Putting this behind us……….


The last three months, that is. My DH and I spent the weekend visiting family and friends on LI. I spent the time at my sisters, and he spent a night at his families house, but mostly I just relaxed. And I did not knit a stitch!!! I spent most of the time eating and swimming. It was hot – but on LI you have the constant sea breeze, so it’s not stagnant air. My sister and I did actually try to get to a yarn store – but it didn’t happen. After that relaxing time, my DH had a phone call fifteen minutes before we arrived back home – he has a job!!! Three months of constant worry, wondering what could happen next, what else can go wrong. The stress was just wearing us down. Now, he is happy to be able to get back to work. Whew!

As I mentioned – there wasn’t any knitting – I brought plenty of it with me – but when you don’t see people for months at a time, I find you get caught up in them, and I just didn’t need to bring out the knitting. The food was unbelieveable – my sissy and her husband sure do put out a spread. I wish I took pictures of all the food – but it’s hard to hold a camera while you are holding a fork and knife and digging in! My DH did take some photo’s – but let me tell you that they will not be posted – pool shots of me are not my idea of a good photo. I did work on my tan, which I hadn’t done all summer. I lathered up the lotion though, but I still like to get a little color.

There will be knitterly things going on – I have a good sized yarn order in my future – my stash of cash for a rainy day will be broken into, along with some birthday money. I probably will save most of it for rhinebeck, as I’m hoping I get to go there this year – I’ve never been. And DH is into going for some weekend trips to kill the pain of no vacation this summer……what could be better than Rhinebeck in the fall? I also filled out my renewal for IK yesterday – and out in the mail it goes – I don’t want to get stuck missing an issue.

The sock that fell down the stairs with me saw a bit of knitting last thursday and today it will come along with me to the rheumatologists. And the weather has cooled down considerably – making for nice knitting on the deck.

The shop was busy over the weekend, so some mailing has to be done today – and some supplies ordered, too!!! I’ve made a new sterling silver pin that will be posted later today – I’m hoping to get more sterling in the shop soon – I’ve had a few people ask for brass/bronze also, so I may make some pins with that – I love that people are asking for things – it inspires me. It’s been a learning process, to say the least, as any business endeavour is, but this isn’t just business to me – it’s an outlet for my creativity. I want to do it right. From having all my paperwork and licenses in order, to making sure every single customer of mine is happy – it’s all important to me. Of course, I know you can’t please all the people, all the time and there will be the occasional person out there that is just not going to be happy. But I can sure try!


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