Thanks Everybody!


Thank you, everyone, for all those amazing Birthday Wishes!!! The day was nice – although busy. My DH made a basket of all my favorite things and presented it to me in the morning. My oldest made me an awesome card – shaped like an IPOD with an Itunes gift card enclosed. My youngest made me a template for what will someday become the front page of my shop website. And later in the day, a box from amazon arrived from DH with plenty of goodies inside – my season 5 Seinfeld, Princess Bride and two metalworking books! I will take some photo’s soon – but right now, I’m just really lazy.

Remember all the complaining I did about the HOT? You know, that. was. not. really. hot. This? Way hotter. I shouldn’t have complained. Really. I’m sorry. Whoever is in charge of the hot? Please. make it stop. I did not knit at all yesterday. Nada. And I knit everyday. At least a little bit. But not yesterday. And today is supposed to be even hotter. I cannot even imagine not having a room with ac to go and cool off in. We have all the bedroom doors open and everything else shut and the three airconditioners are actually cooling the house down. Does anyone out there have one of those portable airconditioners? We looked at them – seems like a good idea, but consumer reports does not look good on them. I like the idea of individual units – less energy used and if you don’t need certain rooms cooled it seems more energy efficient. Don’t know if that’s actually true, but I’m going with that right now.

Anyway, if I could knit – I would be finishing up the right front of scoop. I did have a birthday moment, and ordered some Rowanspun from ebay – hopefully to become Kinsale this fall. So knitting is on my mind. And birthday cash is earmarked for some additional knitterly purchases. But I’m trying to be selective and not rush out and place a huge Elann order.

A few new designs are up in the shop. Things are going better than I thought they would and I’m encouraged by all the support. I just finished a few special orders and that really encourages me – I really like that people can feel free to ask for something, and then be able to create it for them.

Sorry for the picture-less post – the camera is even too hot to work today.


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