Light as Air


Shetland Triangle, blocked and ready to wear. I love this shawl. I ended up knitting 12 repeats instead of the 8 that were in the pattern and still, it’s not really that big. I started the shawl June 7th and didn’t finish it until July 27th. I worked on it sporadically at best. The yarn was Elann Baby silk and it’s very nice to work with. I used about 5 and a half skeins. I would definitely use that yarn again for a shawl project, in a lighter color. Black is so hard to see sometimes. But black does go with everything and who doesn’t need a little black shawl to go with that little black dress we all have in our closets somewhere?

addition: I forgot to mention the blocking wire experience. It was wonderful!! I just took those welding wires – I didn’t even have to smooth or file the ends and they were fine. I “wove” them through the top for a nice straight edge – I used two across the top and just wove another wire down both sides through the points of the shawl only. Then I pinned the wires to hold them in place and stretch the shawl on my blocking board. I loved this way of blocking and the shawl had near perfect edges! I highly recommend getting yourself some wires.

I’ve cast on for Mountain peaks. I originally started it with a single strand of Helen’s Lace. It does call for lace weight, but I really wasn’t liking the way it was knitting up. I only takes 600 yards of yarn, so I restarted it doubling the Helen’s. I like the slightly heftier feel to it. Now, I have to enlarge the charts because apparently I am going to go blind reading these charts otherwise. Not the charts fault at all – entirely the result of aging I’m sure. This pattern is so very interesting and I’m really looking forward to it all.

And speaking of aging – tomorrow when I wake up, I will not be 43 any more – yep, it’s my birthday. I’ve got a pretty busy day ahead – doctors appointment, Post office run, banking to do, lunch with a friend, waiting to hear about DH’s interview and a possible dinner out. Pretty full day, I think.


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