Commence Blocking


There’s gonna be a whole lotta blocking goin on – what you see is the Shetland Triangle, off the needles, finally. And notice to the right of the shawl? What have we here? Well, DH had to go to get a C02 bottle refilled/replaced yesterday at a place that also sells welding supplies. Somewhere along the line – it could have been on Lorette’s page, I saw advice on getting stainless steel rods from a welder supply (if it wasn’t Lorette’s page, let me know who you are and I’ll correct that, very sorry). So I asked the nice gentlemen – he kinda laughed when I told him what they were for and told me he could sell me a pound of them for about 9 dollars. Well, a pound is a LOT of rods , so he just handed me about 10 of them at no charge! What a nice thing to do from a clearly perplexed man who was wondering just what I was going to do with these things that had to do with knitting. So, as soon as I get off my arse, I will get this shawl a soaking. Now, why won’t I get up and do it right now? It’s hot. I know. I’m a whiny, whiny baby. But come on already with the heat. I can’t breath. It’s affecting what little control I have over my suddenly wavy hair. Plus, I don’t want to dry the hair and it doesn’t dry on it’s own in this weather until about 12 hours after I wash it. And the Picolvoli – it’s been drying for two whole days? That aint’ right. I’m kinda cheesed about this. And, forget the hair. What really cheeses me (yes, cheeses me the hell off) is this heat is really cutting into my knitting time. I really really want to cast on for Mountain Peaks – I’m so excited about this shawl. I mean, I get excited about any shawl – who wouldn’t when you get to see two or three tiny stitches eventually turn into a few hundred that make up a beautiful design? I especially love trianglar shawls. I think they’re my favoritist. And it will be the first time I get to use Helen’s lace. So, I’m sure you can understand my wanting it to cool the frick down already?

The names are accumulating in the hat for the contest – I’m really having a great time reading everyone’s guesses and you still have time – so tell me what movie “Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays” is from – send your guess to scootergirl762 AT yahoo DOT com. I will have my youngest DS pick a name outta the hat tomorrow before noon!!


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