Forces of Good…..(and a Contest Update)


Far outweigh the bad. The last few days have been a whirlwind of great people to come into my life. First there is Sara of Woven Thoughts who so generously put up a wire working tutorial AND gave me permission to make and sell her designs! Plus, she linked to my Etsy Shop! What a vote of confidence from someone – thank you SARA!!!!!

Then, through a delightful buyer I was able to make the aquaintance of Fred, the SCARFGUY. He makes the most amazing handwoven Shawls and Scarves – they are just beautiful and you should definitely go visit his shop. Visit his Web Site too! He so nicely suggested photographing my pins on his scarves and doing a little collabortation. I’m honored and frankly, speechless. There are a lot of really good people out there, who are generous and willing to share ideas and I appreciate their help.

I have been doing some knitting – I’m on the edging of the Shetland Triangle. I had to put it down last night because I’m so used to the 10 row repeat and the edging is somewhat different. And I KNEW I was going to make a mistake. I just knew my hands were going to want to knit the 10 row repeat and not do this different pattern. So, I made a decision – watch Dirty Jobs. I think I may have me a bit o’ crush on Mr. Mike Rowe – anyone else out there????

Now, don’t forget to go enter the contest – see the last post. And you won’t win any ole pin, by the way. This pin will be made specifically for YOU (or someone you have in mind), to match a shawl, scarf or sweater you have or are working on. I even have a guess from Turkey!!! This is very exciting for me and I’m glad you guys are participating! So go enter – I will be putting the names in a hat Friday, so If I get your email by Friday morning the latest, you’re in.

Go……..send me a guess…… know you want to….


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