Sounds Like Somebody’s Got a Case of the MOndays…


But not in a bad way……..Tell me what movie that post title came from……..Cause I’m havin a contest!!! Yessireee. Email me with your guess at Scootergirl762 AT yahoo DOT com (you know how to do that, I know you do) and I will pull a name from the correct guesses this Friday, July 28th. The winner will get a shawl pin, made by moi.

The weekend was HOT – well saturday was. Very hot, very oppressive. I didn’t get to do much of anything constructive except make a few sets of stitch markers. Quite a few things sold in the Etsy Shop – link on my sidebar now, so I spent some time packing things up. Thank you Wanda!
You had my weekend off to a good start and I sure hope your feeling better.

Yesterday was beautiful – not humid at all and I could tell because my breathing was much better. I spent the day lazing about, finished the left front to Scoop and pulled out my Shetland Triangle to get it done! I’m looking forward to starting a new lace project. I’m doing more repeats than the pattern calls for because I’m not a 23 year old waffer thin model, and my shoulders would seriously be hanging out from the 8 repeats they suggest. I’m hoping to tidy it up this week as it’s been on the needles since June 7th – and that’s just too darn long!!!

Oh and for all you Greys Anatomy fans – and this may be old news to ya, but what the heck – I hear tell that the show is moving to Thurdays at 9pm. I’m so happy about that – it’s the perfect day, the perfect time. I did watch it last night AND on thursday night too. I don’t know if it’s going to be on twice a week, everyweek, but last nights happened to be an episode I never saw, so I don’t mind at all. And I just pull out some mindless knitting, to avoid the snacking/watching TV syndrome.

Well, that’s really it for now – boring, I know, but hey, the contest should be fun………and here are the latest Shawl pin and markers to hit the shop.


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