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I give you Picovoli Fini – a little warshed out, I’ll admit, but it’s dark and cloudy here this morning so the light was not my friend. I really like this tank. I loved the pattern – it’s flawless. Now, if my body was flawless, it would look great on me. But, not so much. I think if I keep working on losing the spare tire, it would look fab. So I will block this and keep it as inspiration to get my arse moving and keep losing!

This is the back of Scoop. I love this. I’ve cast on the left front and it should go even faster – another great pattern and I can see myself making ore than one of theses.

And the new red-ness. This shall be Something Red. I love that pattern even though I have gone up a needle size and it’s more of a drapy fabric (pima melange is supposed to be worsted weight, but lets not go there) I love the color and the feel of the knit. I cannot wait to start it and as soon as I can get two brain cells that will cooperate with each other, I’m casting on – so Scoop? Prepare to share my time!

And while watching TV last night – I made more of these little beauties – I’m getting better at making them, and these are more elegant than my first attempts – they will be posted later today on the shop, better photo’s there, to be sure.

Finally, after reading Yarnstorm’s latest post on her blog – I have to say, I totally agree with her. Well said. This negativity and thoughtless disregard for the real people behind the blogs has got to stop. No one should feel they have the right to humiliate, intimidate or bully you by leaving negative comments. No one. And when they hide behind “anonymous”, well that just adds cowardice to the mix. She says it much more eloquently than I ever could. Sometimes I think we forget that even though we read what bloggers post about their lives, that we really don’t know everything about them. Well, some we do. Friends we’ve gained through this community. But, some of the time, we don’t know them. We only see a part of them, the part they’re willing and brave enough to share with the whole world. I love having this outlet. I love the friends I’ve made and the visitors I have and the lurkers who never comment – that’s all ok – if you want to visit my blog eleventy-five times -Frequent Visitor- and never comment – well, that’s your perogative. I hope you enjoy what you see here and that you’re here for the right reasons. Only you can know that. Soap Box over-and-out.

DH is out running off his nervous pre-interviewing energy. It’s going to be a long day.


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