Rising Above


The heat that is……..last night was another wicked night in Thunderstorm Land – which is what we are becoming. We even had some HAIL. HAIL. Hail is scary. A lot of people in the storms path are without power, trees are down, damage everywhere. We had a roof blow off a building a few miles from us, DH went out on one call for power lines down, but we’re ok. No damage. The power went out twice though and we’re lucky it came back on a few minutes later – usually when that happens we are without power for hours.

Anyhow, I was able to put some time in on Picovoli – who conspired against me and obviously put out an SOS to Netter, and complained that I favored Scoop over her. Guilty. But it was the yarn, I tell you. So, in lieu of photo’s believe me when I tell you I am done with the decreases, done with the approx. 15 rows of straight knitting, and now I’m on the increases. Coming into the home stretch. Now, since I do not have abs of steel, I will probably make it a bit longer, but I’m hoping to have it done by Saturday. Ambitious, I know, but I’ve got some pressure here. I apparently cannot knit on something else – the knits do tell.

Shawl Status – well, the Shetland Triangle is here. Not being worked on, but see above for reason. The Peacock Feathers is in queue. As is the Mystery Stole. As is the pattern I just downloaded this morning, thatwillnotbenamedrightnow. Good news – I organized all my patterns, put them in sleeve protectors and in the binder. So progress is being made, just not actual knitting progress.

And there is some new prettiness in the Etsy shop:

Four sets of handmade stitch markers, made for up to a US size 10 needle. These have a cool “tigers eye” effect on them. And they’re only 4 bucks plus shipping (1 buck). I had one customer have a problem signing into etsy to buy some pins last night – I don’t seem to have a problem, so I’m hoping it was a fluke.

Stay cool – I still think it is warm -too warm, but I’ll take 10 degrees less than yesterday, anyday!


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