Branching Out


This weekend is supposed to be record heat. I’m already feeling the affects and so is my inhaler. And, I can’t believe I’m saying this – no rain really in site – now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a repeat of the other days violent storms – but a mild shower to break the baking heat and humidity would be ok with me.

I had a lovely meet up with Amy and Laurie yesterday at B & N – and not only did I have a really big strawberry concoction and a delicious lemon-raspberry bar, but I finally bought a copy of Folk Shawls (with Laurie’s help and both of their encouragement). I just want to say – thanks girls – you sure do know how to help me relax!

Thanks to everyone who has given me advice on Picovoli – I’m heeding all your good judgement and the concensus is to do at least some of the decreases to see what it looks like – and hopefully in the process I will have discovered my waist line!!! Wouldn’t that be a kick – knit a few decreases and you can miraculously reduce parts of your body!!! Now, that’s my kind of diet!

I’ve done a little crafting other than knitting and I have a few of these listed in my Etsy shop….


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