To Waist Decrease or Not


Ok, so here’s a question for ya’ll. I’m booking along on Picovoli here…….just beginning the waist decreases. Here’s my question – has anyone made this without ever doing the decreases? Maybe just knit it straight down? And how did you like it, how did it look – would it be a good way to go for a girl who clearly is not small waisted??? I guess, and I’m sure, I will try it on, just as I have, to see how it fits – but I so much wanted some input on this burning question – To Waist Decrease or Not?

We had some nasty, nasty storms come through yesterday that left our area ok, but really beat the heck outta other places in the storms path. This is the second round of nastiness this week. The storms just last for hours and the light show is incredible. We did have the lights in the house flickering last night by about 9:45, but we never lost power. I’m sure others did though – I watching the morning news right now. Believe me when I tell you, I fully expected the cable and internet to be down this morning – that’s how bad these storms were.

I’m supposed to be meeting up with Amy and Laurie today – guys? Right? It’s a blechy day and the perfect type of day to spend with knitting friends!!!


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