Confused, Upset, Distraught


First, let me say thank you so much for commenting as yourselves in my comments so I can know who I’m finding the need to defend myself to. I appreciate your candor and I hope you will extend me the same courtesy.

Secondly, let me say, emphatically and without a doubt, I did not copy anyones designs for my pins. I did not know someone else was making these pins until a few days ago. I wanted to make my own shawl closure, had the tools and materials and fiddled around until I came up with something pleasing. Then I just continued to play around, thought about selling them and that is really how this happened. I have gone to the site you suggested again, and while there are great similarities in our work, I find that I cannot say my pins are exact copies. I will certainly try to make my work stand out, with different designs as to not upset anyone else, and to avoid the upset I’m feeling right now being accused of something I did not do. Anyone that “knows” me in the knitblogging world, I would hope knows that I’m not the kind of person to ride someone else’s coat-tails. I’m not the kind of person to profit or rip off someone else’s creativity.

As a friend just said to me, a heart is a heart, a circle is a circle – I did not steal these ideas. I just made some pins that I thought would be pretty and that other people would like.


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