Thanks for your support


Oh my!!! This weekend was a banner weekend for me – and I didn’t knit much yesterday at all because I was busy packing up shawl pins to mail today!!! I’m so excited and happy – There are two different pins left at my Etsy Shop, plus one shawl stick. And I need to get making some more. I think I need to extend some thanks to Eva, for recommending my shawl pins, even before she received her own – so thank you Eva – words can’t express how much it means to have someone’s support like that!!

I’ll be making more pins this week in some different designs, but if you have an idea or a request, just contact me and we’ll work it out together.

I did get to knitting on Picovoli on Saturday – made it to the armholes, and ripped back because they were just too loose and I should have followed the directions in the first place to drop down a needle size when doing that part – doh! Anyway, I have a shower, meeting at school, post office and then who know’s what for the rest of the day. We had a kick ass thunderstorm last night for HOURS, I mean, really. From about 9:15 to well after midnight we just had continuous lightning and thunder. Same possibility exists for today, so I’d like to get back home before any of that stuff goes on today – it’s already sunny and getting warm out.

And one more time – you knitters, knitbloggers, fiberfriends – you who worship the fiber – you rock, you are the best and I so appreciate everyone that has taken the time to look at my stuff!


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