The Sky is Falling


Well, not really, but I did get your attention, didn’t I? Actually, I would love to go out and take a picture of the Saturday Sky, it is Saturday. But bright light, she hurts my head. I’ve had a week of migraines. A whole week. And I suspect it is a result of hurting my neck when I fell down the stairs. I thinks I may be taking myself to the chiropractor. Skip the doctor totally. Afterall, I know they’re going to send me for xrays – takes time. Results of xrays – more time. Diagnosis – still more time. Appointment to see specialist – even more time. And I heard if I go right to the chiropractor, who can apparently help the migraines even if they aren’t a result of the fall, I can get the xrays right there, he can look at them, right there, tell me what’s up, right there and treat me, right frickin there? What would you do? Yes. I know.

I did manage to hammer out two more Shawl Pins for the Etsy shop, one copper and one Sterling Silver. I’ve sold all but one shawl stick, and I figured I’d see if there was still interest. I have to actually make one for myself, but, like I said, I’ve sold all except the one. There are issues with Etsy’s shop – for instance, if you buy something, I’m not getting my transaction emails – but I am checking and I do get the paypal payment notifications, so it’s not causing any delays in my shipping things out. It is in the Beta stages, so some stuff like this is bound to come up. Unfortunately, dear blogger won’t let me post a frickin photo – so if you’re curious, follow the link…….

I had an amazing yarn trip thursday – I decided that I was going to locate the TLC Cotton Plus yarn I wanted to make Scoop du Jour. I tried everywhere. Michaels. Rag Shop. Walmart. My last two shops were Joann’s and A.C. Moore. Well, Joann’s is having a sale on it ONLINE but do they have a stinkin’ skein of it in there store??? No. Totally defeated and expecting the very worst, I hop in my car, drive 5 seconds across the major highway to ACM, and am pleasantly surprised by the absolute ginormous yarn department they have! I haven’t been in there in quite some time and back then it was RedHeart and not much else but fun fur. Now. Oh My. They have an amazing selection of natural fibers – wool, cotton, alapaca, cashmere. Ararucana wool? I was amazed. And, they even had the TLC Cotton Plus. The only thing that would have made it perfect was if they had it in RED. I really, really wanted to see it in Red. I love red. So, I have done some knitting – on the Scoop and Picovoli. And I’m supposed to be casting on for the Mystery Shawl Along. But with the headaches, not so much right now.

If the headache goes numb, I’ll be posting the Saturday Sky – if not, I’ll just have to enjoy looking at everyone else’s!!!


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