Do I need help? This is my current works in progress….the black thingy is a Shetland Triangle Shawl about 2/3rds done. The brown is a TTBR (tank to be ripped), the green is Scoop Du Jour and the little thing at the bottom are the socks that fell with me. I think everyone should get all their WIP’s out, lay them out nicely (or just heap em in a pile, it doesn’t matter) and photograph them to make me feel better – so get going!! – send me a note or comment if you do it – this might be fun to see how many of us need knitting interventions…..

This is a close up of the brown Sonata (Pecan) for my friend Fi – who does have a blog, but hasn’t posted a thing in eons. Maybe even light years. But she still emails me, so I really can’t complain…

And this is the Basic Shell from Pure & Simple – with my own picot edging – this is also Sonata in Alaskan Blue and it’s the most accurate photo of the color. It’s been blocked and will be worn again when the weather comes back down to only a bazillion degrees – instead of a gazillion. It’s hot and muggy and I don’t like it.

I have major, major startitis – I really wanted to make scoop out of a cotton blend – but did any of the three stores around me have TLC cotton plus – NO. And I could drive almost an hour to go to Joann’s but I’m coasting on a three day migraine right now, which I think and hope may be going away so do I really want to aggravate it into coming back? Well, do I? So I cast on instead in wool – and only in my Air conditioned bedroom, because I did mention the heat already, right? And it’s ok. I mean, if it was cool out, I could probably really get into it. But for some reason, not so much. And the brown tank – well, it’s got a lovely lacey pattern that will probably mean I have to wear a camisole under it – the whole idea for a tank is to keep cool – and wearing something under it? Not cool. So I need to find a pattern that makes me happy. I did find a great site – which I’m sure you all knew about, but didn’t tell me. Garnstudio. They have a ginormous selection of FREE patterns that are extremely nice. I will search there. I will find the tank I’m longing for. I will, I will, I will.

Oh, and do me a little favor – go visit Rox at The Fearless Knitter and get on her Frapper Map – she’s very kindly featured me on her blog – and I’m going to do my best to return the favor in my small way – plus, she’s having a little contest if you go pin yourself on her map – so, go on, do it!!

I finally sold one of my handmade Shawl Pins on Etsy – that was a boost – I had ton’s of looker’s but since we’re so new over there, it takes a bit for people to see that you’re one of the good guys I guess. I think I’ll have to go downstairs and hammer out some more pins – there are still three left and I’m going to be positive and make a few more in the hopes that they, too, will sell. I think I may try making one out of silver too.

Tomorrow is the DH’s birthday – lot’s of food and hopefully fun for him planned. Happy Birthday, hon! It’s not his usual spot for his birthday – we are usually on vacation, at his favorite brew pub, wuppin it up, but I’m going to do my best to make it his second favorite place to be.

Happy 4th of July!


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