Make it Stop


Had to take this Picture for Saturday Sky………it may be our only day without rain so far this week . And that doesn’t look like it’s exactly a dry cloud.

DH has been with a neighboring Fire Department since yesterday, helping people by the Delaware River cleanup after the flooding. He managed to get his photo on the front page of our newspaper today – I’m proud of him and glad he’s helping out, but I really wish there wasn’t a need – these folks have been flooded out three times in a very short time span. We see New Hope on the news a lot, but here are many, many other communities here in NJ that were affected by the flooding.

I started another tank top – finished the Basic Shell, but I didn’t like the photo’s I took, plus it wasn’t blocked yet – that didn’t stop me from wearing it yesterday, but now I’m giving it a proper washing/blocking and will take more photo’s. I cast on for Evening Breeze from Knitters spring 2004 – pictures and more pictures to follow – I do have to take some shots of the Sonata colors for a friend, but it’s too darn bright out right now, and they would just wash out – not that I’m complaining about the Sunshine!!! No, not me. We like the sun!!

Tomorrow I want to sleep in – meant to do that today, but was up at 5:30 – contemplating a nap right now. And then a BBQ at our very best friends house – really looking forward to that – have a great weekend everyone!!


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