It’s Raining Cat’s and Dog’s


Or so my husbands Davis Weather station tells us.(it actually say’s “it’s raining cat’s and dog’s on the display – what a hoot!) At a rate of 2 inches per hour, too. And it’s still raining. And raining. But it didn’t rain much Saturday, when we went to a friends BBQ and I was able to cast on for this………. And this is how far I’m into the pattern – which is plain vanilla stockinette – but you all know I’m head injured, so what do you expect???

That’s at least 8 inches of stockinette using Elanns Endless Summer Sonata in Alaskan Blue – I had to use the flash so this yarn it really showing bright, when it’s really more subdued than that – but the rain. Means I have to use flash. Anywho, I love, love, love this yarn. I think it’s referred to now as Elann Sonata, but I ordered two other colors for Cece and a TBAK(to be announced knit) and I cannot wait for it to get here. Not only is is just beautiful in color, it’s so nice to work with and flies right through your fingers! A little splitty, but not too much to be annoying – just when your not looking at the knitting and looking at say, the TV, you may split, but you know it and can fix it. I may fancy up the neckline a bit with some picot crochet instead of single crochet.

Oh, and in my resting up from the stair tumbling, I thumbed through my copy of Alice Starmore’s Fishermen’s Sweaters and I’m deciding to give Kinsale a go this fall – I tried to post a photo but blogger didn’t allow it. So, that will be a challenge I’m looking forward to – I just love textured knitting. I really prefer that over fairisle or intarsia – you will hardly ever see intarsia in my hands.

I’m feeling a bit better – not as banged up, but the bruise on my cheek is getting more noticeable instead of less – it’s now a bigger yellowy jaundice spot, instead of just a weird discoloration. I sure hope it doesn’t turn purple – I will have some ‘splaining to do then, I’m sure. Thanks to all of you who were so sympathetic and caring and concerned – warms my heart and does my knitters soul good!


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