I Flied! No…..you Falled.


(What movie is that title from?) What’s this, you ask? This is the mess that’s left behind when you AND your knitting fall down a flight of stairs. Yep. I have a set of stairs that goes from my front deck down to the driveway and I fell down all but the last two – which I ended up on the second to last step, shaken, terrified and badly banged up. At one point I heard my left cheek smash into a stair tread. And I have more bruises than I can count. My Neck hurts with whiplashish type pain – and who can blame it after having said cheek hit stairs and jar neck. Thankfully, I’m really alright…….sore as all get out, but alright. Now, don’t ya’ll get all over me and start screaming doctor – I would have gone if anything was broken – or anything that was broken could be set, that is, because the cheek I’m sure is a little er, um, badly bruised? Thank goodness for facial fat – the swelling is ever so slight and there is a discoloration, but no big glaring bruise. And it hurts to smile and some chewing, but really, I’m just damn lucky I didn’t break my neck or worse. I don’t know why I fell – the last thing I remember is putting my sunglasses atop my head and losing my balance. Now, I am a klutz and you wouldn’t know that unless you saw me fall before, which most anyone that is in regular contact with me knows. But the socks – they’re ok too. They have some mulch in them, but thankfully the needles didn’t even get bent – they were thrown clean when they ejected from my purse. Whew! Sorry for the blurry picture – I’ve had a bad fall!

These socks were smugly sitting in the house, safe, sound and finished. I loves them. Really loves them. But it’s too damn hot to wear even cotton socks right now.

And this is Daisy!!! If you need a baby gift in a hurry – I knit this in a day!!! I swear, it’s the fastest baby knit ever. The pattern is over at Knitty and it’s by the Yarn Harlot (sorry no linking, I’ve had a bad fall and I’m tired) I didn’t need this in a hurry, but I have to knit two of them for twins that are due in the fall so I figured why not get started? And I had buttons all picked out, in my shopping cart at Wally World and when I got up to the register, they were gone. Button Stealing is against the law, right? Well, I doubt anyone stole them, but I guess they weren’t meant as the perfect buttons for this, since they probably jumped out of the shopping cart to save themselves – maybe they thought they would end up in my purse during another “stair incident”?

And finally……A picture of Amy, Myself and Laurie – two of the nicest Knit Bloggers I’ve ever met. Well, they are the only two I’ve met, but I’m still sure they’re the nicest!

I have gone on a ripping/reknitting/ripping frenzy. I’ve ripped out Cece. Yes. I’m not happy with it. The yarn was just bugging me. And now, I’ve been forced to order a little tiny bit of yarn from Elann – a color I like, and yarn that’s perfect and I think will be happier with the color which will go with more in my wardrobe. Now, you will have to wait till it comes and then I’ll let you have a little lookyloo. So, it’s ripped. I have two things on the needles now – the tumbling socks and the shetland triangle. That’s it. I need more. I don’t know what and maybe I will just wait for the Elann order to get here and recast on for Cece. I just can’t be sure. And I’m reading up on sweater design. I’m going to design something. I just don’t know yet, but I have some ideas flying around my head (could be from the fall, I just don’t know) and I want to see what I can do with them. I just know they’re feminine and hopefully flattering and that’s what I’m looking for right now. I just want something different. If it works out, I will share, but really it will be quite awhile.

Well, that’s all for now folks – we have two parties to go to today – and it’s flood watch city around here, happy happy, joy joy. Love parties in the rain. Have a dry weekend! (by “dry” I mean don’t get wet in the rain, NOT don’t do any drinking)


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