Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there and especially to my DH and my Dad!! Enjoy the day, guys!!!

I’m peeved. Firstly, Lion Brand? You have a lot of nerve listing “free” patterns on the web, and then when someone unsuspectingly gets dumped onto your site for a “free” pattern, in order to get said “freeness” from you, a person must REGISTER??? Are you kidding me? Not only won’t I register, you just got yourself on my shit list forever. And then, to add insult to injury – you can’t get back to your search page – LION BRAND actually locks you into their registration page, looses your search history and you’re trapped!!! Free means – FREE. No Charge. No catch. No nothing. I have banned you, Lion Brand, from my bookmarks, my sources for patterns and your yarn? Well, I’m sure I can find suitable replacements for all of it. Now, I’m pissed. You dissed me. Nobody puts a knitter in a corner.

Secondly – blogger – I had a very nice photo to upload today – for Father’s Day. Is it too much to ask, dear blogger, for you to get your crap together and have a functioning service for more than a few days at a time? Huh? Really. Now I know why everyone abandons the blogger boat and hops on over to typepad. You’re seriously this close to getting the same treatment as Lion Brand. So watch it.

It’s going to be HOT today, and I’m glad we tidied up the backyard yesterday. Now DH can enjoy his day, we can wait on him, I guess I can do a little knitting if I say it’s for him and we can wilt in the heat. At least the pool is clearing up and the filter is working right and the chemicals are balanced, even if the water is still a tad cloudy. The pool lounges have been cleaned and hosed down, drink holders and all.

Off to make my Man some breakfast now – enjoy!


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