Everything is Blooming


Roses from our garden………..my latest work on DeviantArt.

My latest work from last night………..

A little warshcloth for myself – I really do prefer these handmade cotton cloths to those scrubby plastic balls o’ netting – much gentler and organic, no?

And here’s Diamond Fantasy Scarf – all blocked and hanging out in the window – the nerve.

I did have a photo of the warsh cloth and the scarf hanging out together – very artsy, but damn if I didn’t put them up in the right order and I’m too lazy/mentally challenged to go back and let blogger take it’s time uploading the photo’s – really.

Speaking of blogger uploads, here are the sockotta socks I’m almost done with – this was the picture I tried to post last time, but damn that blogger upload tool. They suck.

Today is Graduation Day for our oldest Son. We had his awards ceremony last night, when he received a scholarship from a local organization. We are very proud. I’m very nervous – and I don’t know why, since I really have nothing to be nervous about. Honestly. I’m more of a nervous mother now, than I ever was his whole life.

Things may be turning around for us, in the lucky department. I had a phone call yesterday to work for a week at school, and that’s a little paycheck that is a nice surprise. And after having the skeinwinders and other things listed for over two weeks, with nary a inquiry, we sold three in less than 24 hours!!!! I’m encouraged by that. The Etsy shop is a nice way of getting your feet wet without paying ridiculous charges.

It’s a beautiful Spring day, the weather looks like it will stay nice – enjoy!!!


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