School’s Out for Summa……


Friday was my last day of school for this year……..and my last day in the class I’ve been in for the past 5 years. The little one I’ve been with is moving on and so am I. I didn’t really have too much time to be sad because they had a little early birthday party for me – and I had to book out of there fast because I had a doctors appointment that couldn’t be missed. But I will miss them and the little one beyond words.

These are the socks I finished last weekend knit from Trekking – they came out as fraternal socks, but I’m really OK with that. I do love the ribbing I put on the top – some kind of lace rib I found somewhere – I think maybe on Wendy Knits? Oy, if only my memory was around.

It’s a really, really bright, sunny and windy day – it was 49 degree’s this morning when we got up – chillllly. But if the breeze stops it warms right up in the sun. My MIL and BIL were out for the weekend and it was great to see them – now I get to veg out a bit though. I took my MIL to Kraemers yarn shop yesterday – didn’t buy much myself except for the Summer Knitters and two balls of a linen/cotton yarn to make warshclothes with. But it was nice to go and visit the yarn.

I’ve made a few changes in my knitting projects this week. I’ve started WW and have managed to lose 10 pounds already. Realizing that if I continue on that road, the ribby shell I’m knitting right now will be too big, I’ve decided to rip and wait on that. I’m not sure about CeCe – I’ve a feeling I will keep knitting that for now to see if it’s really going to be big on me, or if I did what some knitters do and imagined myself a size smaller when I measured for that. Any way – it’s for a good reason, so ripping is good right now. I’ve also cast on for another Shetland triangle in Black peruvian baby silk – it’s beautiful. And I plan on doing more than the ten repeats to make it more of a longer shawl. I’m also thinking – maybe I should cast on for Peacock Feathers? I did finish one shawl/scarf, rip a ribby and finish a pair of socks this week, so my works in progress are down to three right now – soon to be two when this second sock I’m almost done with is done. That would leave me a deficit of projects right now. Poor me.

Wish me luck tomorrow – I have a CT Scan first thing in the morning – the urologist wants a prettier picture of the kidneys and I hate IV’s. Hate em. H. A. T. E. them. seriously. Big, big baby. That’s me. Although I can be brave about it, but I just really wanna run screaming down the hospital hall, yelling nooooooooooooooooo.

Oh, and a little peeve – I purchased a pattern a little while ago from a great on line pattern writer. And I love the pattern. I love all the patterns I get from them. But on the last pattern there was an omission – which for knitters that have experience isn’t really a problem but for newer knitters or someone who has a hard time figuring stuff like that out – there was a kinda big omit. Anyway, my peeve is, I very nicely emailed the pattern writer – which, by the way, did I mention, I paid for the pattern? Yes, well, two weeks ago I emailed. Asked if I was just an idiot or if this really is they way the pattern was meant? Apologized ahead of time if I was an idiot. Very very nice. Not a twinge of a reply. Nothing. No acknowlegement at all. This disturbs me because for one thing, if I was wrong, please set me straight. And for another? I purchase those patterns regularly. Like as soon as a new one comes out, bango. I buy it. But now? I’m thinking maybe not. And it’s not like they haven’t been on line – they have a blog and post regularly. So, does this happen to anyone else out there? And how do you feel about it? Do you get as annoyed as I do? Let me know.


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