Taking Care of Bidness


DH has offered his woodworking talents to all us Fiber-holics out there………

His Yarn Swift – hand crafted from oak. He’s posted his second (I was lucky enough to get the first one for Mother’s Day) on ebay… But if anyone is interested, drop me a note – they’re going to be selling for $30, plus shipping – we don’t charge for handling/packaging. Also, I may get going making some cases for these – you know, to keep it all together when you’re not using it, because these just “fold up” – when you loosen the screw, you can put everything in one straight line and store it. I’ll probably be opening an etsy store after school’s out and these will be available there. And we absolutely take paypal – or money order. End of sale’s speil………

I have the next two days off, and then I embark on my last week of school before summer starts and my last week of working with the student I’ve had for the past 5 years – I might be a mess on the 9th. It’s a great move for the student and a new door opened for me, and I’m excited, but it’s like ripping a bit of your heart out too.

Today I gift the graduation shawl to the graduee. And I’m thinking – is it possible to finish CeCe, with only about two inches done on it, before Saturday – clearly, I might be delusional. Nothing like knitting your ass off, trying to finish something so you can WEAR it, only to have to shelve it an hour before the event, unfinished. Do I want to attempt it? Maybe fool myself into not thinking I will wear it if I get it finished – you know, reverse knitology?


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