Gimme a Beer….


…..says the sock. Honest. It’s not MY beer. It’s hot out today – 82 degree’s and it’s way too hot for the sock, apparently, especially with me knitting all over it. Could be, the sock is maybe a little tipsy…….if you know what I mean – all snuggled up to that beer bottle like they’re on a date or something. Outrageous behavior.

We… the sock, the beer, the laptop and me are hanging out on the deck with Pepe/DH and a chicken rotissering on the grill – having a quiet, much needed quiet, weekend at home. Oh, we did go for a short motorcycle ride, before the sock started slamming back beers – it was so nice – I finally had my bike out and we had a great ride – the air is still cool when it hits you – not that warm, summer air that will probably be here way too soon. It’s a beautiful day. There will be corn on the cob………the rest of the apple crisp I made yesterday……..and possibly I just might steal one of the socks beers for myself – damn sock.

Oh and here’s a secret – I shopped on Elann today – sssshhhh – don’t tell anyone that thinks I’m not supposed to be buying yarn. Which by the way, isn’t what DH thinks – he’s all like fine. Go ahead. We had a little yarn discussion yesterday and I said – what would make me happy is a yarn shopping episode. And DH said – oh, yes, because you don’t have ANY yarn (I believe that might have been sarcastic, hrumph!) And I said, oh yes, I do have the yarn, but some of that yarn is just to HAVE. You know. To LOOK out and admire and oooo and ahhh over. Not to – Oh MY GOD – use! And he looked at me with a momentary look of comprehension – Like, oh, yeah, I get that. Then I looked away – I didn’t want to see the look leave his face, like we all know it did, replaced by that OTHER look – the one that clearly says….My dear, you have finally lost your knit wit mind. So, I purchased some peruvian baby with silk and two big balls of regia sock yarn – I’m depleting my never ending stash of sock yarn and like any good driver, I top off the tank whenever I’m passing by.

I started out the weekend a bit depressed and out of sorts and after a little cleaning and putting the house straight, and some baking and making some baked clam cassolets, a motorcycle ride in the country and watching the sock get ferschnockered, I’m feeling a little bit more like myself again. Still a bit sad, what with all that’s going on in our lives, but not so doomed.

The sun really does come out, tomorrow. I’ll be dipped.


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