My Little Corner of the Knitting Universe


This is were I get my knit on, most of the time……..I think it’s a sweet set up – Access to my knitting books, a comfy chair, my basket O knitting, my laptop and a very large screen TV to glance at from time to time. Go take a photo of yours and let Scout know for her meme.

And here we have a lovely – ok, not the greatest – shot of the Sheland Triangle Shawl from WRAPSTYLE. Made from two strands of white Zephyr and in record time – I started it on a friday evening and finished it on Monday. Great pattern – go check out the book if you don’t have it already.

Sock. With Crochet hook. Don’t you do this too? Yep. I dropped a damn stitch. Not only did I drop it. I didn’t realize it after I cast off 29 stitches on one side instead of 30. You think that would have been the red-knitting flag, no? Ah, apparently, I’m not that intuitive. I just continued to cast off with a devil may care attitude.

And now? I’m knitting the second sock and as soon as I’m done, I’m ripping back and doing this right – I can’t stand it. I know I could tack down the stitch – but too much else isn’t right in my universe right now and I need to make this right to balance it. Damn. But knitting does strike a balance in your life, doesn’t it?

And here we have the Diamond Fantasy shawl. Which I seem to screw up every single time on row 45. Don’t know why. Now it’s just one of those things – wups, row 45, time to screw up!!

And I use the word “Fantasy” here, because you really need to fantasize to imagine what this is going to look like – it’s just a lacey wad of knitting right now. The yarn is Schaefer Anne and it’s so nice to work with and such brillant use of color – I love it.

And there you have it – a very picturey post.


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