I don’t like May anymore.


May is really ruining my spring. Really. May. Not such a great month for us. I thought April was bad with DS getting Pneumonia, but May has kicked April’s ASS.

My SIL passed away yesterday morning, after a long illness. I know she’s no longer suffering, at peace, in a better place – all those things you say and hear from everyone else. But it still sucks. I really don’t have any other words that would adequately describe how I feel right now.

DH is greiving and looking for another job. Youngest DS is trying to pass eighth grade. Oldest has his prom tomorrow. I have my 6th UTI since October. And an appointment for the Urologist June 9th, which is also my last day of school. Tonight – the dishwarsher broke for good. About the only good thing that’s happened this month is that I signed my contract for my job next year. Oh and I lost one subscriber to my blog, according to bloglines. Subscriber? What’d I do wrong? Was I complaining too much? Not funny enough? Boring? Damn! I will try to be a better, more entertaining, funny, less complaining blogger soon, I promise. But right now? Not so much.

This weekend – quiet, hopefully knitting and posting photo’s of the graduation shawl, the socks, the Diamond fantasy shawl progress and getting back to Cece and Ribby Shell – I’m a little at odds with the knitting right now. I’m happily knitting on the sock – comfort knitting, nothing complicated (and yet I managed to drop a stitch without noticing on the first sock – sombitch!! This blog isn’t Drop Stitch Knitter for nothin!).

And May – I can’t wait to say hello to June – I’m optomistic.


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