Thursday and this week is taking For EVER!


Did you ever have a week that is packed full of stuff – you don’t know where you’re going to find the time to do everything and yet it drags on unbelieveably??? You would think with so much going on, it would just fly right by, but nope, not here in my world. Yeesh.

On the other hand – I’ve converted another non-knitter. Yes, we have another member to the knitting community and I think it’s gonna stick – she only curses when she thinks she does something wrong – and I did teach her to cast on, because she’s a natural-born-ripper, and let’s face it, the cast on is necessary with them. I just love when someone asks me to teach them to knit – and it’s so cool when they get it and start to love it right away – and I’m a pretty laid back teacher – everything is ok, there aren’t any pressures here because there aren’t any KNITTING POLICE – I’ve said that forever. But one thing just bugs me. And it’s not the new knitters. It’s not the people that admire your knitting. It’s the jackasses who put you and everyone else down in the room with comments like “I’d rather read a book”. Well, go ahead. Read a damn book. While you’re at it get a book about being socially acceptable, having manners, tact and being polite. And the next time you pick up a candy bar, piece of cake or a donut? Well, I’d rather be knitting. And here’s a jolt for you – I read AND knit at the same time. Don’t put me down, and the newbie knitter sitting right next to me, because you can’t wrap your mind around a life that has more in it than reading and eating. That’s your choice. Bully for you. Now back off. And – chew with your damn mouth closed? Please? (you can probably guess this “reader” has said this to us more than enough times, yes?)
After this year is over – I will have to fill in my small world of readers on my work atmosphere for the last few years – I’m just always afraid that doing that comes back to bite you in the ass – but really – put a fork in me, I’m done!!!


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