I think my head exploded


or, mid-term progess reports came today.

Mom is not happy. Dad is not happy. Needless to say, the calm, collected mother I am took off running down the road and left me feeling like my head was going to explode. Someone needs to get their act together or we may be doing 8th Grade, the sequel.

I have five – yep, five projects on the needles now. Diamond Fantasy Shawl. In Schaefer Anne and that’s for a friend who’s retired in January – so not a rush. I just had to start it. And I cast on for CeCe last night. And I have another sock started in Trekking. Still twitching away on Ribby Shell, the yarnsucker. And now I have cast on for the most urgent of projects, the Graduation Gift, due June 1st. I’m using the Sheland Triangle pattern by Evelyn Clark in Wrap Style. The yarn arrived today from Knit Witts – which, by the way, is a great place to buy yarn – and said yarn is Zephyr in White. I’ve already done the neck pattern and three repeats and it’s easy and pretty. Pretty easy. And fast. I don’t think I’ll have a problem getting this done in time. Photo’s tomorrow – I don’t want to use the damn flash and it’s dark right now.

DH is turning into the most wonderful House boy – he did the foodshopping for me today!!! And vaccumed the house. And, hold onto your knitting needles girls………he MOPPED THE KITCHEN FLOOR!!!!! And he DID A LOAD OF WASH! He said he thought he’d give me a jump on the weekend so I could start enjoying Mother’s day. Don’t pinch me, I don’t wanna wake up! I have to say, that it’s one of the best Mother’s Day gifts I think I’ve gotten from him. And he’s still networking and sending out his resume to any job he finds that might be a fit. I’m still nervous, but I have to believe it will all work out. I’ve managed to calm some of my fears by getting the paperwork in to get family coverage at my job, and I feel a little less anxious about that. Next, I’m making all the doctor appointments I can while we still have his insurance, just to get things out of the way – regular checkups and such.

Is anyone else hooked on the show The Deadliest Catch – I can’t help it. And I don’t know why I like it. I just do. Go figure. Maybe it’s the Alaska thing. I just don’t know.

Stay tuned for major picturage Saturday…….


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